Anxiety for nothing!

Hey everyone,

So the night before last I had an awful nights sleep, thanks to the anxiety of the PIP assessment. With my muscles unable to relax, I felt like I’d pulled them all and they were all so tight.

We made the decision to try and get some evidence of things which could be helpful in the appointment, so we drove up to the hospital to try and find out the MRI results for the head and neck, but were unable to get them, and then on the way to the doctors for a print out of the MRI results for my lumbar, I got a phone call from the assessors asking if I could RESCHEDULE.

Eurgh. So I’ve worked myself up for it, and now they’re cancelling on me!

The reason? Doctor sickness. Oh, makes you laugh because we are SICK and they expect US to turn up to the assessment otherwise we get prosecuted by having benefits taken off of us! If they cancel the assessment, it doesn’t affect the claim though.

Fortunately, I don’t have to wait too long for the rescheduled appointment, but it is a pain mentally and physically! I don’t think they realise just how much we go through when we get these assessments!

Good news for one of my friends, as I also found out she was discharged from hospital yesterday. Although, I feel a little confused as to why she was discharged, as she appears to still be struggling.

As for me, I’m not too sure how I’m feeling at the moment. Obviously, with heightened anxieties and the pain – I’m struggling at times. But I don’t feel I’m where I was a few days ago. However, I don’t want to speak too soon and am taking it moment by moment!

I’m going to head off now – Keeping it brief today! I need to try and get on with some work. Although, I’m struggling with pain and hunger (which adds to the pain – even though I’m eating too), so I’m not too sure how much I’ll get done!

Thanks for reading.

Take care all.

Stay strong Ghosts!


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