Good news.

The past few weeks have been somewhat of a tricky one. I’ve been struggling emotionally with a friendship, but I’m pleased to say that things have been sorted, and despite my tears and worries, that actually things are okay, and that when my firned is back from her trip, we will meet up and discuss what the problems were, and hopefully deal with things like “adults”.

I have some good news to share with you. I won an art competition in our local area! I’m so pleased with myself because I didn’t think I’d actually win a prize. I was just proud of myself for giving it a shot! I come second, and I’m going to have my artwork featured in the local town. It’s going to be very strange!

Also, today I sent off my final examination for animal assisted therapy, so I will be waiting, no doubt very impatiently, for the results! Now all I need to do is complete my animal behaviour course and start the psychotherapy one but I don’t want to rush myself. After the recent stresses, I’m pleased I’ve managed to achieve the art competition and final examination, and now I need a brief breather.

I really wanted to write some more, but I helped out a friend of mine, which lead to me pretty much essy typing, and my wrists can’t cope with much more, so I’m going to head off now and catch up on the new series of Zoo!

I’m hoping to write again soon…

Keep well everyone.

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