Welcome to June

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post for some time, but I’ve not only been busy, but I’ve also been hit with the fatigue of fibro. Most likely from overdoing things, which is annoying considering there’s so much which needs to get done. We’ve got a stall next weekend for our local Pride, and we’re no way near completion of stock. I thought we were ready, but when your brain doesn’t switch off, you start to realise all the flaws and need to make changes here and there, and add things. Lots of things. 

I hope to write a proper blog later on in the week. I had a bit of an emotional battle in my head due to a recent event, and although I have overcome it for now, it is something which will linger in the background for some time because of it being a current situation. (If that makes any sense?!) 

I write this as my eyes continue to close and I force them open, I need to rest. I’m exhausted. I need to listen to my body, despite my brain being wildly active! 

Welcome to June… Zzz…

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