Moving home

I’m working through my list of things to write about, and I’m sorry for it going so terribly slow. Every day brings new distractions, and the majority of it is emptying boxes and sorting through things, having since moved into our new place!

Yes, we moved into our new place 4 weeks ago, and we’re pretty much settled, although we do need to get a few things sorted. We have our house warming next weekend, and I doubt things will be finished by then, but we are trying to tell ourselves, that we have time, we’re not going anywhere now!

We’d been on the housing register for about 2 1/2 years, constantly bidding. Our previous property was lovely, but far too small to accommodate two people. And although we had a shower installed, I was still struggling to get in and out of the bath, and despite being told we could apply for a wet-room, the waiting list was (ironically) 2 years… We found ourselves at war with the neighbours as well, which made it incredibly uncomfortable for us to be livign where we were. It had all started so well, and eventually the noise began and it would become intolerable for someone with BPD, a headache disorder and a pain and fatigue disorder who needs their rest! Yes, it become invasive on our daily living, and although we tried to approach them on the matter, instead this turned into a war and they hated us for it, despite telling us from the start to let them know if we had any problems. There was an incident where it all kicked off after the noise of something being dragged on the floor and banging had been going on all afternoon, and I banged on the ceiling with a broom with two taps, to just let them know we could hear the noise, to which teh neighbour being a swearing and shouting match with me. The neighbour who lives opposite them, come downstairs and knocked on our door, and said they were having a “quiet cup of tea together”, which made me fume. I ended up in a rage, and where I’d been able to control my outbursts, this was just something I couldn’t cope with. I was crying and shaking and at that point, we knew we needed to get out.

We’d tried doing mutual exchanges but they all fell through, even if the accomodation was perfect for us!

I’d done an occupational therapy assessment with my local authority, which granted me the medical need for a two bed with wet room.

We knew that this wasn’t going to be easy. When we were getting the housing register through, the only places to bid on were 1 bed places or over 55+, which meant we were quite low on the register. We’d bid just to try and “bump” us up the list, and hope we wouldn’t be offered a 1-bed place.

Then, in February (I think) we got a call to say we were being offered a property, only to get a call back after saying it was a mistake. We were gutted because we thought we were getting somewhere!

At the beginning of March, we then got another call saying we’d been offered another place, we weren’t in the top 20, but we were a priority.

We accepted, and it all happened very quickly. We spent some time before our holiday packing, and then as soon as we returned from holiday, we collected the keys, and had one week to move in.

We managed to find someone to fit carpet, and although it cost us all our savings (and that’s minus one room!) it was worth it.

We travelled forwards and backwards with car loads, and it was extremely exhausting. It was the bunnies who moved in first, as we treated them to a new hutch, and sold the big dog pen they were previously housed in. It was a bit of an eye-sore, but luxury for them as it was so big!

We had help from friends and family with moving bits in and when everything was moved over, we were able to move in for the night!

The day after our first night in our new place we were both completely shattered. I hadn’t been moving anything because I couldn’t lift the heavy items, but I could unpack what I could reach, and the whole event was emotionally exhausting. We had to clean out the old property, and prepare to hand the keys back. We had a little cry, being sad but also overwhelmed for change.

Lauren has been the one sorting out all the paperwork and necessary forms and phone calls for changing things over. ¬†There’s still a few bits to do too. It’s so complicated sometimes!

And that’s it. We’ve been moved into our new place for a month now, and it feels like home. It still feels weird at times, and we still have a few things to do, but we’re getting there.

We’re going to be here for years to come as it’s fully adapted for me.

It shows that good things come to those who wait. We’ve moved 8 times in 8 years (3 times in one of those years!)

We tried rushing things, and even chose locations we didn’t like, but now we’re somewhere we’re happy with, and we’ve already started making memories with friends.

Here’s to the future of a happy home!