The bit in-between Christmas and New Year…

Hey everyone,

How was your Christmas?

For me, it was exhausting and non-stop!

There’s always a big build up to Christmas and everyone rushes around panicking about the decorations, presents, and food. Then within 48 hours of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, it’s all over. Why do we feel the need to put so much effort into the “big” day? It’s become so commercialised that the Christmas Spirit starts to fade throughout September as Christmas hits the shops… Some as early as August! There’s hype about the latest gifts and gadgets to have, but why? Why be so materialistic? Whatever happened to spending time with one another and just enjoying each others company and playing board games? Nowadays we spend so much of our time glued to our phones or tablets that we forget to look up and embrace what’s really going on around us.

Have you ever done that? Look up, I mean?

This year, I decided that I’d limit my Facebook usage, all my social media in fact, and eventually delete my FB account. I planned to delete it on the 27th December, just so those people who might just want to wish me a merry christmas could. Except, I was expecting, so I didn’t get the wishes, and I removed the account on Boxing Day, and boy did it feel good!

I’ll admit, I do still have a FB account, but this time it is only for my family and very close friends, of whom the majority know me best through therapy. My friends list went from 128 to 28. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, as they say. I’d given people the chance to note down my mobile and email and add me to Twitter, during the time I’d given before closing my account – and no-one added me, or text me. I received one email – 1, out of the 128 people, minus the 28 on my new account, so 1 out of the 100, making 99 people who don’t need or want me in their life. I think what was the nicest thing, was that the email was from a friend I’ve met online. And not just to say hi, but to say they wanted to remain friends with me and send me a belated christmas gift. We live in different countries and it feels good to have a connection with someone who actually wants to hold onto the friendship. I want to get to know them more too so hopefully in time this will happen!

Christmas was different this year, not just because I was able to spend time off of social networking, but because I spent Christmas Day with my wife’s family and not with mine. It was the first time in my 28 young years, that this has happened. It was also the first time where my family were all over the place instead of celebrating together. Okay, usually there’s one or two people missing but there was a time when we’d all come together for Christmas. It was different because I felt as though we were sharing an “adult” Christmas. It lacked the childhood “Christmas Spirit”, the cosy fireplace, trashy Christmas TV and drunken relatives. We didn’t stop to watch Dr Who either! Still, it was nice. All of the above wasn’t needed to have a nice day. We’d all spent time together as a family. As you get older things change, and I need to learn to adapt to change. Of course, it did have its difficulties. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it! On Boxing Day with my family, there was a point where my wife said to me that I was getting defensive and asked if I wanted to go home. I see my behaviour hadn’t really changed!

Christmas has been and gone and now we’re in the period between Christmas and New Year, where we now stress about where we’re going to be when the clock strikes midnight New Years Day, to cheer and welcome in 2016… How I currently feel is, I’d like to be in bed. Asleep. But I know that’s unlikely. Last year was the first time my wife and I had been alone for New Year, and my Mum popped over about 1am to wish us a good one! This year, we could spend it together, perhaps. Or we could all be alone. It’s a tough one because you never want to hurt peoples feelings and yet, the New Year is welcome in for at least the first 2 weeks of January whilst we all adapt to writing 2016 on everything and not mistaking the 6 for a 5.

In these next few days we all seem lost. We have allowed ourselves to binge-eat, gorge on chocolate and biscuits, mince pies and figgy pudding. We’ve overdone it on the alcohol and know that in a few days time we’ll have forgotten the hangover it caused and do it all over again, minus the pud. We start to think about our resolutions and what we’re going to do differently in the new year. For some, we’ve already started to make changes.

What are your resolutions or have you started to make changes in your life to hopefully have a better year?

I have.

Our fridge, freezer and cupboard are filled with healthy produce, eagerly waiting to be used in our nutri-bullet. I aim on living a healthier lifestyle, alongside my gluten free veggie food. I aim to cut out the chocolate, biscuits and crisps. Lessen the cheese too. I’d thought about trying veganism, but I wouldn’t be allowed peanut butter…

I also plan on drinking more water. My resolution will be to have a glass of water in the morning and at night, and not just cups of tea all day.

I plan on limiting use on social media – which I’ve already started to take action. I’ll also attempt to upload a blog at least once or twice a week here. I’ll share with you my creative writing as well as share my nonsense thoughts and feelings.

In 2016, I will endeavour to complete the course I’ve had since 2013, and also start and complete another so that by the end of 2016 I will be able to work with Animal-Assisted Therapy… I’ll share my journey on here too.

I also aim to focus on the positives. It will be a tough one, but I have lots of things to look forward to in the new year, and I want to make sure I not only get better mentally, but I feel better physically too. With chronic pain being soul part of my life, it gets in the way of a lot… But I am determined this coming year to not let it beat me.

I’m going to end this post with an image I found online…



As I stated on my new profile…

“The only way to make it amazing is to believe it to be amazing and make it happen!”

Let’s do this together. Let’s make 2016 amazing!

All the very best,