Anxiety is a Living Inside a Haunted House

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This morning when I woke up, I browsed through Facebook on my mobile phone and found an article which caught my eye. It mentioned ghosts living inside the body, so of course – with my blog title, it was sure to intrigue me.

Me, being me, continued to browse thinking – Oh it’s too early to read a full article, I’ll come back to it later. – When I did, completely forgot where the post was and who from. The only thing I could remember was the ghost bit. So, I skimmed through the entire Newsfeed, which now had a million new events on it, that I couldn’t find it until I’d found a similar post shared by a friend. It took me to an article not titled the same, but about the same thing – which I’m still glad I found.

It was a Huffpost article written by Alanna Vagianos, Women’s Editor for the Huffington Post, regarding a video which no doubtfully will go viral, from Brenna Wohy, at a National Poetry Slam.

Why Loving A Woman With Anxiety Is Like Loving A ‘Haunted House’

I watched the video and could feel and understand exactly where Brenna was coming from.

The anxiety and panic attacks are compared to living in a haunted house. This metaphor is such a great way of describing what living with anxiety feels like, and explains it it in a way which those without mental illness can understand.

Although it is spoken as if she is talking to her partner, I can see this easily being represented for the understanding of friends and family.

It made me giggle a bit when she said:

 “It’s fun to visit once a year but no one wants to live there.”

It’s true! So very, very true! I wouldn’t wish anxiety (or any other mental illness for that matter) on anyone! The experience of mental illness is terrifying. Especially if you feel as though you’re “coping”, then suddenly your “world caves in” and you find yourself spiralling out of control again and hitting rock bottom, or just floating above those rocks, anxiously waiting to drop.

Pop over to Brenna’s blog on Tumblr here, where you can find more of Brenna’s poetry!

I’m definitely going to keep an eye on Brenna’s posts and see what amazing metaphors she can come up with next!

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